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Hi, I'm Alex!

I'm an actress and writer living in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.  I love exploring my neighborhood via long walks, grocery stores (seriously, have you been to Sahadi's?), and of course, any and all dessert-focused businesses--ice cream spots being the most preferred (mint chocolate chip is my favorite classic flavor).

I adore playing and creating characters who are a bit off; the quirky yet lovable weirdos.  They're my true bread and butter.  You can find me playing these types in commercials, my own creative work, and social media content.

Previous creative projects have included the popular web series Alex and Eric Live Together (co-creator and co-star)--almost every episode shot entirely in our apartment, and the all-female sketch comedy group, Aljeshira (co-writer and co-star).  Aljeshira's videos have been featured by Funny or Die, Hello Giggles, and WhoHaHa.


If you try to contact me and don't hear back within 3 business days, try calling any of the ice cream shops in Brooklyn, because I will most likely be in an ice-cream-induced coma, and the scooper was probably the last person to see me conscious.




Feel free to reach out via email or by hopping over to my Contact page!

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